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Case Study

This case study was a middle- aged woman who came to me with many of life's unanswered questions. She was a therapist at the time on Maui. She had several past life sessions with me and then became very excited about having a Life Between Lives session. She had read Dr. Michael Newtons' books and came to me with her cast of charater list and questions.

She became relaxed easily, and and went to her immediate past life as on older woman in India. Her life was basically good and she was ready to leave . At the time of her death there were crowds of people and her husband by her side as it was a very powerful life. She rose above her body and wished to comfort her son by touching him through his mind. He was angry and she was some what successful in bringing him comfort.

She moved quickly away from the death scene, toward the light . She connected with her guide John, and others that talked with her.

She connected with hundreds of beings that had different tones and they were feathers of a large white bird that hovered over the top of her. Each one was a light and each light was a being that sang in harmony with the others. All arranged on a wing of a bird, bright shades, light, dark, pink, blue, white, and a message of music, they had a sound, and everyone had a vibration . She stayed there for a while because it was to awsome and beautiful. They told her that she should pick an instrument and play it. They also told her that the musical notes on the piano were a gross representation of music compared to the musical range that they made.They sang and wanted her to remember a time when she was with them and played music with them. Music connected her to heaven and the higher spheres and the message of protection and joy.

She met her primary Soul Mate. She remembered a time they were together. We'll be back home together someday, he said. In this life they are just friends because she needs to learn to be more independant. She learns her soul color and her soul name.He gives her a gift, a flame of passion and puts it in her solar plexus. He says he his sorry he couldn't step up to the plate in this life time and that he couldn't be with her.

He thinks she is the sweetest thing.

She meets others in her soul group. Their common interest is bringing talents to the physical level. That is what bonds them together. They are all at the same level, but very different.

She then moves on to meet her council. The space in this room is like a half circle in front of her. She is in the middle, with her guide John behind her. She meets with them between each life. She goes there alot and sometimes at night time when she is asleep. They summon her sometimes and council her and keep her informed. There are 20 of them. They are all male, dressed in white robes. The one in the middle is wearing a medallion that is quite large with a triangle and a rams head with wings. There are stripes along the bottom of the triangle that point down. It is suppose to be like an eye. It is a symbol of wisdom, like the eagle's eye. The lines at the bottom have to do with manifestation between the worlds, of bringing things from one world to another world. This is a symbol of her mission. She said she felt like she belonged there, like it was home. They think she has done quite well in this life. They said the best way when she returns for now is to pretend, or imagin e that she has died, and is reincarnated and is starting over. Really think that and believe that and she will be more successful. The council gave her the medallian to validate her and to know she is real and doesn't have to beg for their attention. Her lesson in life is freedom.

Other Spirit world activities--- There are other circle groups around that have the same intentions as her group, but, her group tends to be heavy weight, and probably carry heavier energies than they need to. The other groups seem to be of a lighter, more developed higher vibraion circle. She uses the other groups as a reference, not to lose her perspective.

When coming back to earth this time, she was resistant. John goes with her to make her body selection. She chose her body because it had potential. After her last life, she wanted to have a strong body that gave her freedom. This brain is quicker, curious, and ambitious. This time is an opportunity for change to come if she can stay conneced to the truth she can stay joyous and free. She left a large percentage of her energy in the spirit world. She didn't think she whould need too much, as she only brought 40%, but she wishes she had brought more.

Over view of this session. This client had no resistance, and was easily hypnotized. The quickness in which this client went to the spirit world and the great detail in which she reported back was amazing. The client learned alot about herself and her purpose for this lifetime. She learned about the frailness of the health of her son and her higher purpose. She gained a huge insight about her purpose to be independant and to have her sense of freedom. She learned to mediatiate more. She learned alot about the spirit world and her first incarnation. Her original incarnation was not from this planet. Overall , her lesson about freedom and some personal things about her children were very important to her in this session.

How did this session change her life? She received this session in 2005. Within the first six months after the session she realized the importance of being near her son and daugher, and she moved to the mainland to do so. She persured a new career selling on e-bay which gave her the freedom she was looking for. She also realized that her once found connection with her soul mate was actually releasing her to her highest good. Did a Life Between Lives session have anything to do with her decisions? Absolutely.

She is very appreciative for the information she received and it has changed her life for the better.

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