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Dr. Michael Newton and Barbara Ensign

What to Expect in an LBL Session

A Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy session is an advanced technique that utilizes deep states of hypnosis to access your memories of your experiences as a soul. Deep trance permits a connection to be made so that the soul memories can be re-experienced. A Life Between Lives session is extremely profound and potentially life changing.

You might want to read Dr. Michael Newton's books, Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. These books summarize Dr. Newtons findings with clients who have been hypnotized into super-conscious states where it is possible to "see" into the Spirit World. Based upon his hypnotic regression with over 7,000 clients. These are strictly case studies. You also can visit The Newton Website for additional information.

The Life Between Lives hypnotherapy sesion is not a journey to be rushed. A LBL session is approximately 3-5 hours long and is usally done in the mid morning allowing the remainder of the day for silent reflection and quiet time. It is best to plan for a Life Between Lives session when you are not under undue stress. I will do my best to get answers to all of your questions in addition to the many questions that I will ask so you can receive the most out of the session. I record the session , and you will have a CD in hand when you leave my ofifice for your further exploration. The information and love that you receive in an LBL will help you live the remainder of your life with renewed energy and committment.

The most successful Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy sessions are experienced by clients who are familiar with hypnosis and who have experienced at least one successful Past Life regression with me. Since a past life regression is used as the spring board into the Spirit World it is important that you are both familiar and relaxed with the process. It is also important that you bring a "cast of characters" list of significant or important people in your life. It could be friends, family members, ex-lovers, teachers or mentors,etc. I also ask that you bring me a detailed list of 12-15 of your life's unanswered questions. Most of all, come with an open heart, leaving all expectations of our work together behind and allow the process to unfold in divine order. This journey will be unique as each individual is.

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